Founder/Marketing Specialist

Meet Apollonia Palmyri, BRAND to the Bone Founder & Marketing Consultant.

Apollonia holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and in Marketing & Communications from Spalding University, Louisville Kentucky, USA. She attended seminars and trainings regarding human resources, merchandising, leadership, sales and marketing, and digital marketing. Her extensive 20 years of work experience travels between the two worlds of retail & media, since she held sales & marketing positions in large companies such as, Shiakolas Group – Woolworth, C.A.P Papaellinas – Alphamega, PlusTV and LTV.

Her broadly gained knowledge and experience enabled her to establish her own marketing agency Skyhi Marketing in Larnaca. Now she joined a new venture as a Co-Founder/ Marketing Director of BRAND to the Bone in Larnaca. She is a Marketing Consultant and expert in building marketing strategies tailored made on your budget and promotional needs.